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Deep Sea Therapy
Energy from the deep sea is superior to thalassotherapy.
Deep sea therapy is a natural therapy that uses deep seawater (drawn from a depth of 374 meters off of the Muroto Cape) combined with the healing coastal environment of the Muroto Cape.
Ordinary thalassotherapy uses surface seawater, but deep sea therapy uses deep seawater. The light from the sun does not reach the deep sea, and deep seawater is safe from surface pollutants. Compared to surface seawater it is more abundant in minerals, cleaner, and more balanced.
This therapy center, the first of its kind, maximizes the benefits of deep seawater.
Deep seawater is constantly supplied to the center via direct pipeline from a collection facility.
It is as if you are actually swimming in the deep sea.
In this artistic space you can bathe, dip, and drink deep seawater...
Or you can listen to the waves crashing and breathe in the ocean wind...
Experience the ocean with all five of your senses and restore the natural balance of your body.
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