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Introducing the hidden allure of Japan to a special few
Introducing the true and hidden allure of various regions of Japan to luxury travelers
Japan is a country overflowing with the allure of tradition and a mature society.
Much of this unique charm, however, remains closed to the world due to the barriers of language and the graceful modesty that is characteristic of the Japanese people.
As a result of an excessive concentration on Tokyo, the great charm of diverse cultures that still exists in outlying regions remains unrevealed to the world.
gAuthentic Japan signature" is a service that allows a few special customers to experience the true allure that is hidden in various regions of Japan.
What is meant by the gTrue, hidden allure of Japan"?
There is more to Japan's charm than just the information carried by major media, for example about Tokyo and Kyoto.
The true allure hidden in various regions of Japan comes back to those who seek it out, in forms that transcend the imagination: the joy of hot springs baths, where travelers can enjoy an exclusive experience of hot springs bubbling up from natural surroundings; the joy of coming in contact with the best foods that each region has to offer, created by Japan's rich natural abundance; the meetings with beauty that combine tradition and modernity, born from diverse regional cultures; the experience of unsurpassed healing from a blend of tradition and science; and many other superb Japanese experiences.
Through the Authentic Japan signature service, experts with a thorough knowledge of the hospitality offered in areas throughout Japan provide support that enables customers to access this charm.
The special services provided by Authentic Japan signature
Charming and diverse products and services, selected by experts with knowledge of the luxuries of regions throughout Japan, are introduced to luxury concierges, so that these concierges can propose unsurpassed experiences and gifts that are sure to satisfy customers.
Arts & Crafts
We will provide opportunities to come in direct contact with exciting and impressive arts and crafts, ranging from the traditional to the modern, which exist in various parts of Japan.
We will introduce the true creativity that is born from Japan's unique culture, and invite customers to experience the depth of this beauty.
We will provide support in arranging viewings of arts and crafts, and in accessing and purchasing highly valued works.
We will provide opportunities to directly experience the excitement of the delicious and authentic cuisine that exists throughout Japan.
Experts with a thorough knowledge of local food cultures will invite customers to experience the depths of cuisine that foreign travelers would not normally have access to.
We will provide special information on food and drink in various regions of Japan, and provide support in arranging opportunities to experience and purchase these culinary delights.
Visits & Stays
We will provide information on accommodations and related facilities that could not normally be obtained from overseas, with a focus on gRyokan" (traditional inns), where customers can experience the richness of various regions of Japan, and invite customers for diverse and attractive stays in outlying regions, overcoming the barriers of language and culture.
We will provide information on attractive locations for stays in various regions of Japan, and provide support in arranging the actual accommodations.
Relaxation & Healing
We will enable you to provide real experiences based on tradition to luxury travelers who are particularly keen on seeking out the true nature of the world of healing, which can be found in the depths of Japanese culture, such as meditation, shiatsu massage, and traditional martial arts.
Experts in various fields with a thorough knowledge in the traditional fields of healing the heart and mind will provide information that will allow customers to access these real experiences.
We will offer support in providing and arranging special programs that will enable customers to come in contact with the depth of traditional healing, which even Japanese people rarely have a chance to experience.
Exclusive Experience
We will make it possible to provide valued customers with special invitations to a world that cannot usually be accessed: the depths of a hidden Japan, as in gardens and national treasures that are not generally open to the public.
We have programs that provide access to Japan's hidden aspects, depending on the interests of customers.
Service process
First, we ask that Luxury Consultants contact us at Authentic Japan.
We will provide a gsignature" world introduced by Authentic Japan with confidence, in the form of special contents for certain selected customers.
Please select the services required at the time from the diverse gsignature" menu that continues to grow along with the information provided.
In response to requests, we will provide the arrangements that are most ideally suited to the customers.
In response to special requests from customers, we will provide special stays in Japan for customers by providing information quickly and conducting appropriate follow-ups.
We have adopted a membership system for all of the luxury concierges who choose to use this service. In addition to providing information that has been carefully selected by our experts, we plan to provide high-quality services customized for unique circumstances.